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Building healthy lives free from dependence on alcohol and other drugs, and promoting healthy families.

"Clay Crossing has really impacted my life in a positive way and has allowed me to realize how precious life is and not to take the small things for granted. It has opened my eyes to how sobriety is a key factor of my life and my family"...Kevin W., Colorado


The support of family can play a key role. Clay Crossing offers weekend visitation and encourages family members to visit and interact with their loved ones. We strongly encourage family members to participate in education and counseling, along with their family member at Clay Crossing. Family sessions often help members resolve disappointments, hurts, losses, and regain hope for recovery.


When a client reaches the end of his treatment at Clay Crossing, a transition ceremony is held. The next goal is to get a silver belt buckle which signifies one year of sobriety. The person is invited back, and we have a celebration of his continued recovery from addiction and his commitment to recovery.


The cemetery is one of the biggest curiosities that visitors to Clay Crossing ask about. Located a distance away from the facility sits this iconic place. Step three asks those serious about recovery to turn our life and will over to the care of God as we understand God. A sincere prayer accompanies this step, "Relieve me of the bondage of self, that I may better do Thy will. …”

A client can construct a cross or marking of his choice. The cross marks the spot where a client metaphorically buries the part of him that has held him back – that has not allowed him to be open to God’s will and plan. They are “relieved of self-bondage.” The hope is that through this exercise the client will allow himself to move on from substance abuse, and put that part of his life behind him. A client could bury a trauma from his own life.

When our alumni return for a visit they often want to visit the cemetery. They remember the powerful "spiritual awakening" that gave them hope to move forward and remember it is God who empowers them to live with purpose and meaning.