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Building healthy lives free from dependence on alcohol and other drugs, and promoting healthy families.

It gives me great pleasure to hear, "Clay Crossing gave me back my life and my family". I'm grateful to have been given this opportunity, helping families to enjoy their lives, as it is intended.
GD Madden, Clay Crossing Owner


  • Evidence-based practices/counseling.
  • We are a co-occurring/dual diagnosis facility.
  • We are a gender-specific facility, men only.
  • We are a spiritually-based program.
  • Clay Crossing rests on more than 400 acres in rural Oklahoma; far away from the turbulent demands of life.
  • Family education and counseling is important to us--we strongly encourage families to be involved.
  • The integration of animal-assisted therapy.
  • Our counselors practice holistic counseling.


Our programs are 45, 60, and 90 days. Clay Crossing's curriculum meets the needs of those who are referred into, or assessed at that length using the ASI, evaluation tools, and ASAM criteria.

Why Do we recommend 90 days?

Programs that offer 90 days have better results than shorter periods of time. Since our inception we have offered 90 days knowing this is will create the most successful outcomes.

Some of those reasons are as follows:

  • Slower pace is crucial to understanding addiction and working through recovery.
  • Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program gives clients time to work on self-defeating behavior patterns and to form healthy behavior patterns.
  • Post-withdrawal symptoms, both physical and psychological, that can occur after 30 days.
  • Studies indicate that longer-term treatment increases the success rate.
  • Time to make long-term friendships with other recovering peers.
  • Forming a more solid foundation of the 12 Steps and spiritual insight through faith-based rehab.
  • Learning and practicing lifestyle changes for health and well being in our Christian drug treatment center.
  • Developing and learning to enjoy recreational activities without the use of alcohol or substance abuse.


Please call us today and allow us to help you explore your options.

Entering into treatment is a big step for anyone; the process often raises a variety of questions and anxiety, especially related to cost. Yet, our mission statement points a person toward the rewards of completing treatment. Clay Crossing takes pride in knowing that we offer treatment at a very affordable cost. The first month is $5,500. The following months are $4,500. We offer a $1,000 discount for those who pay for 3 months upon admission.

Having insurance may provide financial assistance toward treatment; however, everyone’s insurance varies greatly in coverage. Our staff will help you explore options for covering your payment for treatment. Call us and let us walk you through the process.

We realize that the cost of treatment is expensive; however, it is an investment in a person's future. It will pay great dividends that will extend throughout your life.

    We believe you are worthy of recovery. Clay Crossing encourages at least 45 days of treatment. History has shown us that 30 days is often insufficient to produce successful outcomes. The greatest success comes to those that stay 90 days or more.