Clay Crossing's mission is to build healthy lives, free of dependence on drugs and alcohol and in the process, contribute to the peace of loving families. 


Our core values are:

  • Facility Focused Excellence: We dedicate ourselves to the highest standard of treatment, and advancing the safety and health of the community

  • Respect For People: We treat each other and our residents as unique individuals while honoring diverse backgrounds and cultural differences

  • Integrity: We maintain an environment which upholds truthful clinical and business practices

  • Compassion: We provide timely, compassionate care while remaining respectful of our residents’ and families’ privacy, emotional, and physical needs

  • Innovation: We are constantly learning and promoting change within our services and programs

The first thing you notice when you arrive is the warm greeting you receive, and our home like environment. Clay Crossing’s staff is compassionate, and non-judgmental. Our focus is for the person to get better, and enjoy life.

Clay crossing provides modern evidence based programming combined with the tried and true 12 steps. The program is delivered through group therapy, small group therapy, and individual therapy. The resident will also have other types of therapy, such as art, equine, etc.

We have plenty of outside activities on our 400 acres. From Fishing to mountain bike trails to our baseball diamond – the outdoors revive us and connect us back to nature. We also have a good amount of indoor activity for when weather is a factor. As our sustainable farm grows, so does the amount of organic produce and untainted beef.

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